Enzo Díaz is our executive chef with almost two decades of experience in the world of gastronomy. With it, the Vovem Asador project is launched, creating a gourmet grill with Mediterranean cuisine specialized in meat as the main offer.

His interest in the world of cooking comes to him as a child, he was always in hot coals, helping his mother with pastry and barbecuing his friends in San Juan, his hometown in Argentina.

His culinary method is to have no secrets and to transmit all his baggage and knowledge to his fellow cookers. Curious and without limits, eager to travel, for culture and for being up to date on gastronomic trends to incorporate them into your dishes.

Its cuisine offers a wide variety of meats, hard to match nationally and internationally. Breeds of native, European origin (such as the French or the much appreciated Finnish) until brought from the US, Japan, Chile or Australia. In addition to different stages of growth of the animal, from the calf of less than eleven months, through the four-year-old cow, the seven-year-old ox to the old cow of up to 15 years.

Enzo works with love and passion, two essential ingredients for Vovem Asador

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